God’s Promises Are Forever Upward


How are your children doing? And I mean not just your little ones. I mean your teens and adult “children.”

Who are they hanging out with these days? Are their friends doing drugs, drinking alcohol, or engaging in premature sex?

Are your sons or daughters engaged in these dangerous activities?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed because you know that “things just aren’t right,” but you don’t know what to do about it?

Well, if any of these things are true for you, you are not alone! Many people are facing the same challenges.

I often speak at women’s conferences and at the end of the session pray with individuals. 75% of the prayer requests are concerning children – often teens and adults. I see panic in their eyes as these mothers share their fears. Often times, they have given up hope of any sort of normal life for their offspring. Drugs, alcohol, and other wrong choices have taken their toll.

Yet There Is Hope! Even more than that, There Are Promises Of Transformation!

Prayer Can Accomplish Incredible Change In The Lives Of Your Children!

When I say, “Prayer,” I don’t mean just some desperate cries for help. I mean prayer the way God planned it! God planned the world so that men are not puppets. He gives us the privilege of being in charge of our own lives. But He gave us some incredible tools to accomplish His plans for us.

In Forever Upward, you will go on a journey, traveling the path that many mothers have taken before you. It’s a journey of hope and a journey of deliverance. You will learn that when you do things God’s way, you will have God’s results!

Hope you will join me and others as we travel this blessed path.

Forever Upward!

Suellen Estes

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